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7 Salesforce Ideas we’ve all been waiting for, coming in Summer’16 Release

With Summer’16, the 50th Release, Salesforce delivers some awesome Ideas that have been pending in Salesforce IdeaExchange for quite some time now. Some are 2 years old, others even 5 years.

Now you will ask why did Salesforce took such a long time to implement these ideas. The thing is, an Idea like this, might look simple but there is a lot to think of and account for while implementing it.

Salesforce being a Multi-Tenant Architecture also needs to take care that the changes that have been made as part of implementing the idea doesn’t have any affect on existing functionality. Sometimes it requires changing the whole data model or introducing new objects altogether.

All this is not easy and given the Salesforce pledge of continuos innovation(Know more about Salesforce Four Core Differentiators) and coming out with a new release and new features every 4 months, I think Salesforce does deserve a break.


The 7 Ideas

1) Idea : Clone Sandboxes

Now you can clone a Sandbox as well, yes you heard me right. Until now you could only clone a Production Org but now you can clone a Sandbox as well. This gives a lot of flexibility to developers in an Application Life Cycle.

Now they can pause the development in one Sandbox, clone that Sandbox and start working on a new feature separately. It’s like Forking in Git.

Production Orgs are still being upgraded. So you can test this feature in Salesforce Preview Enterprise Org. Go to Setup => Sandboxes. Sign up here if you don’t have one.

Click on New Sandbox button, in the Create From drop down, you can choose either Production or a Sandbox to clone the Sandbox from.


salesforce sandbox


Release Notes :


2) Idea : Change Record Owner in Salesforce1

Now your Sales Reps can delegate accounts, campaigns, cases, contacts, leads, opportunities, work orders, and custom objects to others when they are in the field via Salesforce1 Application. This is available in all versions of Salesforce1 App.

The new Change Owner action is accessible from the action bar. This appears only if the has permission to change ownership. And user being changed to have at least Read permission to the record.


change owner salesforce


Release Notes :


3) Idea : Allow Upload/Associate file attachment when sending an email

Yes, yes, yes this has been delivered, moreover, Email is now a full blown Standard Object in Salesforce, how cool is that.


email object salesforce


and a lot more pain points around Emails in Salesforce have been resolved. I got a little lazy in finding links to other ideas that are being solved here, forgive me 😛 But I will write a separate blog post to explore all those new awesome features. Watch this space.

Earlier if you sent out an email from Salesforce with an Attachment, you can’t see the attachment linked to the Email in Salesforce.


email salesforce


But now Email appears as a record with Attachment related list 🙂


outbound email salesforce


Release Notes :


4) Idea : Link a single Contact to Multiple Accounts

This has been a big pain for Salesforce users and finally being sorted. Earlier if you had a particular contact to be associated with multiple Accounts for e.g. a doctor treating multiple patients, a vendor responsible for multiple accounts, you used to duplicate the contacts and associate to individual contacts. This created a lot of duplicate records and confusion for the Users.

Some of you used to go a step forward and create a junction object between Account and Contact to related multiple Contacts to an Account.

But now all this can be done OOTB(Out of the Box). So this is how it goes, every Contact needs to be associated with a Primary Account for sure, this is what is being referred to as a direct relationship.

Other Accounts that need to be associated with the Contact are represent indirect relationship. 

You also get 2 new related lists. Related Accounts related list on Contacts and Related Contacts related list on Accounts.

Release Notes :


5) Idea : Process Builder – Next Decision Box for True

This is recent Idea but packs a lot of power. Any enhancement to the already powerful Process Builder packs a lot of punch. Earlier, after a particular action is completed, it’s STOP for the process, nothing can be done after that.


process builder salesforce


But now you can choose what happens after your process executes a specific action group. Should the process stop, or should it continue evaluating the next criteria in the process.


process builder salesforce


Release Notes :


6) Idea : Automatically Get Geocodes for Addresses

Now for some standard Address fields like

  • Billing Address on accounts
  • Shipping Address on accounts
  • Mailing Address on contacts
  • Address on leads

the GeoCodes are automatically added.

For e.g. if you add a value of One Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105-5188, United States for the Billing Address field and save this Acccount.

The values for BillingLatitude, BillingLongitude, and BillingGeocodeAccuracy fields are automatically added. These fields are not visible in the Salesforce UI or record level but you can reference them via formula fields or Salesforce API.

You have to setup and enable something called Clean Rules in your org to get this working. In my preview org these were already setup.

So now instead of this


salesforce account address


You will see this


salesforce account address


Release Notes :


7) Idea : Limit imported records to existing picklist values

Oh boy, this used to be such a pain. You see around 20 different values in a picklist drop down, but the last there were only 5-6 values. Yes the good ole days 😛

All this will be now history. A restricted picklist field enforces the integrity of picklist data by including only the values that you’ve defined. Your picklist data stays clean, because users can’t add erroneous or redundant values.

You can easily set a Picklist field as restricted picklist by editing a picklist field and checking this checkbox. (this checkbox needs to be checked manually in your upgraded Sandbox)


strict picklist salesforce


and when creating a new picklist field


restricted picklist


This option is remains always active and greyed out for global picklist definition.

Release Notes :


Bookmark the Summer16 tag. More blog posts on other awesome features in this release will follow.


Stay tuned. More Tips to come. Please subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss on any updates.

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